Raina Seitel | A Night with Anderson Cooper
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A Night with Anderson Cooper

When I got the call to interview CNN news darling, Anderson Cooper, on a main stage live in front of hundreds of people, I didn’t think twice. As any good journalist does in preparation, I watched AC360 on repeat, devoured Cooper’s two books, Dispatches from the Edge and The Rainbow Comes and Goes, and watched his HBO documentary, Nothing Left Unsaid, about Cooper and his most fascinating and glamorous mother, Gloria Vanderbilt. I was set and armed with questions and ready to go.

The process brought me back to my roots as a serious, hard-news producer at CNN and then ABC. I realized how much I miss the chaos and adrenaline of the hustle, the deadlines, and the all-nighters in a dark edit room. I plan on getting back to my nitty gritty news days soon but in the meantime I focused my hard-hitting questions (aka “What’s up with you and Kathy Griffin?”) on Anderson and his fascinating life. It was a wonderful night with lots of laughter and master storytelling.