Raina Seitel | City Rules in a New York Minute
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City Rules in a New York Minute

During the City Girl Diaries recent press tour, we were asked by OK! Magazine to list the rules we live by in NYC. OK! chose two for each girl. Here is my long list:

TIP #1: There are no set rules…. Make your own 🙂

TIP # 2: Always be prepared. Things change in a NY minute in the Big Apple and I never know where the day will take me…from the playground with son to the office or to a celebrity interview.  With that in mind, I’m never without two things:  My huge Stella McCartney for LeSportSac which houses my go-to items including my son’s snacks, a pair of flats, baseball hat, makeup bag and my latest beauty obsession The Beachwaver by Sarah Potempa (takes your hair from drab to fab in minutes). The second and most important accessory is my longhaired Chihuahua, Theo, who accompanies me pretty much everywhere and is the life of the party wherever he goes.

TIP # 3:  Check your ego before entering. This city is a competitive one where someone is always going to be richer, prettier, skinnier and more successful than you. Embrace who YOU are, have confidence and celebrate your strengths instead of worrying about others.

TIP # 4: Pick up the pace – literally and figuratively.  Walking fast is a way of life here in NYC. If you want to anger the 8.2 million people living in this city, then walk like a normal person. Otherwise, work on your jog before you get here.

TIP # 5: For reasons mentioned in Tip #4, always carry a pair of flats. I love Bloch ballet flats…light and easy to carry.

TIP # 6: Make friends with your local Starbucks barista.  No lines, no waiting.  Works like a charm every time.

TIP #7:  Be pushy but polite. When working a red carpet, trying to get a reservation at a trendy restaurant or even hailing a cab being politely aggressive allows you to accomplish what you need without being perceived as a bitch when doing it.  And trust me it will get you very far.

TIP #8: Antibacterial hand gel is your friend, especially in this City! This helps both my son and me when we’re on the run. With a busy schedule like mine, there’s no time to get sick.

TIP #9: Mints and snacks are always essential. When you’re on the go, sometimes you can’t sit down for a meal. I pack snacks for both me and my son to get us through the day. I always carry a pack of mints or gum – you never know who you’ll run in to!

TIP #10: Prioritize and connect with those who bring you joy. This City is full of happenings and events and places to be but at the end of the day what I find the most satisfying is snuggling up with my son and my dog, saying our prayers while we listen to the cacophony of city life outside our window. That is my city bliss.